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Top 5 Telehealth Companies: The Future of Senior Mental Health Services

The future of senior mental health services is here—and it is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone, including seniors. Online medical care, often called telehealth, is growing steadily in popularity as people look for easier, more accessible alternatives to traditional medicine. Telehealth medicine is especially useful for older adults who may face issues with mobility or an inability to travel without assistance. Telehealth resources remove those hurdles and make licensed medical professionals available in the palm of your hand. 

Because telehealth eliminates challenges that affect older adults the most, seniors have been taking advantage of these resources in record numbers; this has been especially prevalent since the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically limited the rate at which in-person medical care was accessible. In fact, the AARP reports that telehealth usage during the pandemic skyrocketed by over 300%, with many seniors saying that they would be open to using telehealth in the post-pandemic future. This isn’t surprising, given the ease of use and accessibility that most online health companies provide. The rise of telehealth companies has created multiple avenues for people to get safe, affordable, and private healthcare from the comfort of their homes, but not all of these telehealth companies are designed for the same purposes. Here are the top five best telehealth companies that older adults are using today to manage their health and live long happy lives. 

1) Total Life

Total Life platform is truly the first of its kind — an online therapy company specifically focused on serving adults over the age of 65. In three simple steps, patients can contact Total Life’s qualified healthcare coordinators, who will help them set up their first appointment in just a few days. 

Total Life’s innovative telehealth platform ensures seniors receive the mental health care they need from the comfort of their homes, reducing barriers to access. Founded in 2021, Total Life is one of the newer companies on this list but is steadily growing in popularity due to its mission of providing accessible, quality mental healthcare to every senior. At 48 states and counting, Total Life is already becoming the primary option for geriatric patients looking to improve their mental health and make their golden years truly golden.

2) Teledoca man and woman hugging, happy with availing senior mental health services

Teledoc, the first and largest telemedicine company in the U.S., was launched in 2002 with the belief that all types of healthcare should be within reach. The Teledoc platform is one of the most accessible ways for patients to interact with licensed doctors who accept most types of insurance. In fact, Teledoc’s insurance coverage is a major component of its popularity. 

Pricing will vary based on insurance, but many patients will pay as low as zero dollars. Teledoc also offers access to labwork, pediatric services, and sexual health consultations. 

3) BetterHelp

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy companies in the world. With the goal of removing the traditional hurdles of accessibility that might bar someone from seeking therapy, BetterHelp has a network of over 30,000 liscenced therapists that have helped millions of people.

BetterHelp provides patients access to accreddited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and more. Like the other telehealth companies on this list, BetterHelp is driven by its mission to provide compassionate, science-driven care to everyone who needs it. 

4) TalkSpace

Talkspace, which was founded in 2012 by Oren and Toni Frank, provides users with access to licensed therapists through what the Wall Street Journal describes as “All-You-Can-Text Therapy.” Using this model, patients can pay a flat rate to converse with therapists without ever leaving the comfort of their home. 

Like other telehealth companies on this list, TalkSpace eliminates the hurdles of accessibility and brings top-quality therapy to the palm of your hand. 

5) AbleTo

a man stressed with life, contemplating availing senior mental health servicesAbleTo is a telehealth company that offers mental health programs, therapy, and coaching – each based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on the connectedness between thoughts, feelings, and actions, while teaching patients actionable skills for overcoming life’s hurdles.

AbleTo is one of the most affordable options for online therapy as most patients will pay $0 with the occasional co-pay depending on insurance coverage. AbleTo will work with insurance to see which path is available, and then develop a program that suits the needs of the patients, whether that includes therapy, coaching, or self-care. 

Telehealth is the future of therapy, especially for older adults. Telehealth and online therapy eliminate the hurdles of accessibility while making the benefits of feedback available for everyone.