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With over 7 million in population, a large portion of Washington’s residents has been experiencing signs of mental illness, and providing mental health care for the increasing demands has been an issue. Finding nearby clinics has been challenging, and options like MultiCare Tacoma, Harborview Medical Centre, and other major hospitals receive tons of foot traffic daily. It would take hours to book an appointment.

Those who are on the hunt for the best licensed therapists online in Washington, rejoice! With convenient online access to a wide variety of experienced compassionate therapists, you can better tackle life’s hurdles and have the right tools to combat challenging ups and downs. Contact us today for therapy on your schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About online therapy in Washington

How to find a therapist in Washington

When searching for a mental health therapist in Washington, there are several options you can consider. One route is to visit local health clinics in your area. Another option is contacting the Washington State Psychological Association for a referral. Additionally, you should check with your insurance provider for a list of in-network therapists. Lastly, you can also search for therapists through online platforms like Total Life, where you can instantly connect with a network of qualified therapists in Washington.

What method of therapy is right for me?

Mental health therapy should be a personalized procedure, as each patient requires a different method of care and attention. The best way to find which therapy method works for you is to consult a professional therapist.

How much should online therapy cost?

While the actual cost of your therapy may vary based on frequency and method of treatment, our average rate for Washington online therapy at Total Life is around $120 per session for those who do not have coverage. If you have Medicare, your sessions can be either partially or fully covered, depending on the terms of your secondary insurance, as we are in a network with therapists that accept Medicare. That being said, prices may still vary as each patient has different needs and preferences. Please visit our contact page to learn more.

Is online therapy in Washington legit?

The legitimacy of online therapy has long been proven to be as effective as traditional in-person sessions. Licensed therapists who provide online therapy are highly trained and qualified to deliver evidence-based treatments that are equal in effectiveness to those offered in hospitals and health clinics.

How much is therapy in Washington?

While the cost of therapy in Washington varies depending on factors such as the treatment method, expertise, frequency of sessions, and other elements, the standard cost per session is around $100 to $200+.

What can an online therapist treat?

Online therapy can be effective in wide range of mental health concerns, including stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep problems, and more. At Total Life, you’ll be able to access a diverse network of therapists with different expertise qualified to give you the peace of mind you’ve always longed for.

What do therapists use for online therapy?

Washington therapists conducting remote consultations and therapy use online tools to connect with their patients conveniently. Therapy sessions can either be done via telephone, messaging platforms, or video conferencing, depending on the most suitable format for each patient.

Can I get online therapy for free?

While there are a myriad of online resources that can help someone who is struggling with mental health problems, these services typically cost money. Total Life offers a cost-effective solution for residents of Washington by connecting patients with reliable yet affordable therapy. Please visit our contact page to learn more.

How can I find a therapist in Washington who sees clients after hours?

A common issue for patients is the limited availabity of therapist at local health clinics, hospitals, and after-hours. If you have the same concern, seeking care from online therapists can be an excellent way to find care providers who book appointments even after hours. 

How do I find an affordable therapist in Washington?

Online therapy is undoubtedly the most affordable route when looking for an immediate and cost-efficient therapy session. Therapists who offer their services remotely tend to charge less than traditional in-person therapy. Find affordable therapy in Washington at Total Life today!

How can I make an appointment with a therapist in Washington?

Before you can meet a therapist you must first research, contact with, and book an appointment. However, the most common hurdle for patients is getting stuck in the booking phase, which consists of long lists and waiting in lines in hospitals and health clinics. With Total Life, that is all eliminated, as patients can easily schedule appointments and receive therapy from the comfort of their own homes.

Where can I get mental health therapy in Washington?

Several options are available to support you on your mental health journey in Washington, including private therapy sessions, community health centers, counseling centers, local clinics, hospitals, and online. Visit us at Total Life today for a convenient and stress-free appointment process.

What kinds of mental health providers are available in Washington?

At Total Life, we recognize that every individual has unique needs and circumstances and strive to provide personalized and specialized care for each client. We have built a comprehensive network of online therapists with diverse expertise to provide effective remedies tailored to each patient’s needs. Get in touch with our qualified psychotherapists, psychologists, licensed counselors, licensed social workers, and different kinds of mental health therapists in Washington today!