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On the scheduled date of your session, your therapist will contact you via phone or video call to begin working on resolving your issues and improving your well-being.

If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, or any mental illness, you can quickly seek help by finding qualified therapists in Florida online. Total Life offers free consultations via text, phone call, or online and can connect you instantly with licensed therapists in Florida.

The best way to check your coverage is by calling us at 1-800-567-5433 or signing up online.

It can be challenging to know what the best therapy method may be without assessing your symptoms. Fortunately, our care coordinators will carefully ask a few questions to help connect you with the right therapist that will suit your individual needs.

If you are looking for support, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-567-5433 or sign up online.

It depends if you’re working with a LCSW or psychologist and the amount of time the session takes. Florida’s median cost of therapy can range from $90 to $200. However, prices may vary depending on the type of therapy you seek and whether you need specialized therapists. Additionally, if you have insurance to may cover some or all of the session.

The best way to check your coverage is by calling us at 1-800-567-5433 or signing up online.

Since online therapy is relatively new compared to standard in-person sessions, many are skeptical about its legitimacy. Online therapy works just as much, if not more effectively than in-person therapy. With the convenience of accessibility, anywhere you are, you can quickly seek help from licensed therapists like never before.

Online Mental Health Counseling in Flordia

Why Virtual Counseling in Florida

Online therapy has become an increasingly popular option for seniors in Florida, as it offers numerous advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy. Looking for the best online therapists in Florida? Total Life is the virtual counseling service seniors in Florida should take advantage of. Our experienced online therapists provide personalized and evidence-based treatments for a range of mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, and loneliness. We understand that seniors may face hurdles when seeking mental health care, which is why our virtual therapy in Florida provides convenience, affordability, and accessibility. By accepting Original Medicare, our online mental health counseling in Florida eases financial worries. Our virtual counseling in Florida sessions also fit comfortably into seniors’ busy schedules. We aim to make therapy accessible and affordable for all Floridians so they can prioritize their mental health and well-being. Don’t delay, contact Total Life today to speak with the best online therapists in Florida and start your journey towards improved mental health.


With Total Life’s teletherapy services, clients can access care from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to travel to a physical location.


Teletherapy allows clients to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for them, making it easier to fit therapy into their busy schedules.


Some clients may feel more comfortable seeking therapy from the privacy of their own home, rather than in a physical therapy office.

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Best Online Therapists In Florida

Are you a senior in Florida looking for the best online therapy in Florida? Total Life provides the perfect experience! We accept Original Medicare, meaning that if you have select supplemental plans we can completely cover your needs. Plus our therapists specialize in age-related issues with plenty of expertise to go around. Floridians have been choosing Total Life’s online therapists for virtual counseling and therapy for their mental health needs. With our emphasis on personalized care and access to some of the best online therapists in Florida, our online mental health counseling in Florida is providing the flexibility and convenience that seniors need. We provide a safe space for seniors to express themselves without the worry of financial impact, accepting most insurance plans, including Original Medicare. Our virtual therapy in Florida sessions are also designed to be accessible and easily incorporated into seniors’ schedules. We continually receive feedback from satisfied clients who have improved their overall mental health with our services. If you’re a Floridian looking for the best online therapists in Florida, look no further than Total Life. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual therapy options and start your journey to improved mental health.


Total Life offers Medicare-covered therapy services, which means that seniors may be able to access care at no cost or a minimal cost.

Personalized Care

Total Life is committed to providing personalized care to each of its clients, ensuring that they receive the support and resources they need to improve their mental health.


Total Life’s therapists are experienced in working with seniors and are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, ensuring that clients receive high-quality care.

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In February 2021, 40.8% of adults in Florida reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. 24.8% were unable to get needed counseling or therapy.

More than half of people with a mental health condition in the U.S. did not receive any treatment in the last year.  Of the 796,000 adults in Florida who did not receive needed mental health care, 49.7% did not because of cost.

6,387,811 people in Florida live in a community that does not have enough mental health professionals

Florida has long struggled with mental health issues on a large scale, grappling with a lack of support systems and resources that contribute to the worsening situation. Societal challenges, such as economic disparities, substance abuse, and limited access to mental health care, further exacerbate the problem. To address these concerns, innovative approaches like online therapy services are becoming increasingly vital.

Online therapists in Florida offer a valuable solution by providing virtual Counseling and virtual therapy, breaking down barriers to mental health care. These services connect individuals with the best online therapists in Florida, ensuring high-quality, personalized care tailored to each client’s unique needs. Online mental health counseling in Florida is particularly beneficial for seniors who may face mobility challenges or reside in remote areas. Total Life offers accessible behavioral health support covered by insurance, including Original Medicare, focusing on seniors’ specific mental health concerns. Total Life is here to help get seniors the care they need and deserve.

Embracing virtual therapy in Florida can help create a robust mental health support system that benefits all residents, particularly seniors. By promoting awareness, breaking the stigma, and championing accessible mental health care, we can work together to improve the overall well-being of Florida’s population. Trust in Total Life’s commitment to providing convenient, flexible, and high-quality online therapy services designed to make a lasting positive impact on seniors’ lives.

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