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Suzanne Sexton


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I have worked as a Clinical Therapist for over 25yrs with many populations and age groups. As A Senior myself now, I welcome the wisdom, knowledge and strengths my Senior Clients have shared with me through their own unique journey and stories. All too often, seniors are not given the appreciation and respect they deserve and I enjoy helping them feel more empowered at this time in their life to be all that they are and overcome any challenges they may be facing.

Online therapy offers seniors great flexibility in scheduling and types of sessions, allowing them to be in the comfort of their own homes without the hassle of dealing with outside inconveniences or unnecessary travel.

I have worked in various fields of Social Work throughout the years, such as Adoptions, Case Management, Substance Abuse, EAP, Couple Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. I have learned and grown from each experience.

When I was younger, I found relationships to be filled with many challenges, so I initially decided to help other couples by becoming a couple therapist. As life would have it, I ended up doing a lot of other types of social work initially, which certainly broadened my knowledge base and better prepared me for the individual therapy I mostly do now.


Cognitive Decline

Chronic Pain
Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

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After three sessions a majority of clients have hope that things are getting better

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I have worked with many populations over the course of my 25-plus years of my career, but I have mostly enjoyed working with people in my age range. There is an unspoken mutual understanding of the life transitions we have been through, as well as the emotions and challenges inherent in navigating them.

I like to take a holistic view of counseling and examine the overall well-being of each individual, understanding how every aspect of their life is impacting them. My counseling style is warm and interactive, empowering people to discover their strengths and develop innovative solutions to challenging situations.

As oldest child of five, I grew up in a caretaking role, and that never really ended. I have always enjoyed helping others and being creative, or finding creative solutions. Whether it is for assisting my siblings, my own adult children, my grandson, or my own creative endeavors, I find joy in it all. We never stop growing or learning, and that, in itself, keeps us young at heart.

CBT, DBT, Solution Focused.

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After six sessions a majority of clients reflect actual change has occurred

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