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Sue Haydar

A photo of a Total Life therapist, Sue Haydar.
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I enjoy working with clients with lived experience, who are self-motivated and supporting them through life changes. The senior population fits this description. I also understand generational issues and can empathize with the fast-changing times but also the desire to stay healthy and vibrant as you age and want to have the best quality of life in your years ahead. I also respect this cohort of the population for their wisdom and believe I have just as much to learn from my clients as they do from me.

I like to use the acronym “ARC”: Accessibility, Removal of Barriers, Consistency of Care. In other words, telehealth for seniors allows that connection anytime, from anywhere, taking out potential roadblocks to receiving care. It has been and is the way of the future!

I have provided therapy in person in several parts of the U.S. and therefore have diverse experience with clients across the county and lifespan. I have been a clinical director in many of my roles as well as a professor at several community colleges. The bulk of my experience has been with teens and adults/seniors with depression, anxiety, mood disorders and dual diagnosis (overcoming addiction).

I take a solution-focused, here-and-now, behavioral intervention type approach for desired results and continued momentum in your life. I enjoy working with couples as well and therefore try to understand the individual within their “system” and larger support group. I believe in balance and also addressing the totality of someone’s life (i.e., health, wellness, hobbies, social connections). I also take on positive psychology methods, humor, and pride myself on being a genuine and transparent clinician.



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