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Shakea Roper


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Growing up the most important person in my life was a senior. My grandmother. Besides saving me when I got into minor trouble with my dad, she was kind, caring, strong, a great role model. Some of the things she taught me I still cling to today. I find that seniors are wise and to be respected. I also find that although I am here to help you, I can also soak in some of that wisdom and knowledge you hold inside.

Online therapy is beneficial to seniors because you can choose to just answer the phone. It can be as simple as that. Or one could choose to use the online video and watch the therapist is there speaking with you. No need to navigate traffic, parking, or steps.

Besides working with seniors in my personal life, I have been working with seniors in online telehealth for over two years.


Cognitive Decline

Chronic Pain
Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

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After three sessions a majority of clients have hope that things are getting better

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In my sessions, I focus on using evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (thinking processes), Strengths Based, Brief Therapy, Problem Solving, DBT (mindfulness), and Solution Focused in order to help clients improve all areas of their life. I often work with clients to address anxiety, depression, racing and undesirable thoughts. My counseling style is active, honest, and straight-forward. Many of my clients have said “Kea is a great listener who isn’t afraid to challenge my thoughts”.

I am a mother, aunt, sister, cousin, and great friend. When there is free time Kea likes to sleep, spend time with family, board games, and of course diamond painting/other crafts.

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After six sessions a majority of clients reflect actual change has occurred

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