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Norma Jean Carrow

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As a therapist, working with seniors is immensely rewarding. They have life stories to tell that span youth, loves, challenges, and everything in between. When I am able to help them with a problem or solve some emotional struggle, or in any way improve their lives, it provides me with a deep sense of gratitude that is difficult to replicate in any other job.

Online therapy is effective for seniors because it is easily accessible and effective. Many seniors face mobility issues, transportation issues and health issues. The ability to get on a zoom call or to speak by telephone removes much of the anxiety associated with in-person therapy. Systematic reviews show that online therapy is effective with high retention rates and successful outcomes. Audio only therapy allows seniors who do not have a smart phone or internet connection to receive the same effective care.

My therapy work with seniors has enriched my life in many areas. My senior patients are grateful for having access to needed mental health care and often express gratitude when issues are resolved or better understood.

My approach to therapy begins slowly with establishing a safe place to open up to a supportive, confidential, and healing experience. I use evidence-based treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical therapy and person-centered therapy.


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After three sessions a majority of clients have hope that things are getting better

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My experience working with seniors began in a meaningful way when I was employed as a hospice social worker. My work in hospice allowed me to interact with many senior patients and their family members. I also completed two internships with the Senior Behavioral Unit while I was working to obtain my licensure. Today I do volunteer community work and church work, often interacting with seniors who are lonely or need help with small chores.

What inspired me to become a therapist was my own life journey. After encountering several difficult years, I was helped by a therapist who supported me and encouraged me to go into the profession. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has afforded me the opportunity to help others in a meaningful way and provided me with a wonderful and fulfilling career.

My life is filled with the joys of family, friends, pets, and hobbies. I am told that I am an excellent cook and discovering new recipes and making them my own is so much fun. I also enjoy hiking and travel. I look forward to many life adventures ahead.