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Marni Seyyid

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Seniors have AMAZING stories. So many of my clients have survived harrowing experiences &/or been instrumental in founding an important organization or helping process; or on the cutting edge of an emerging profession. Often, when I’m working w/ them, they are teaching me. As a grandmother & someone in my mid-fifties, listening to my clients has provided vital reminders for the next phase of my life.

Online therapy helps seniors for some of the same reasons, it is useful for younger adults: convenience, access, reduced stigma, reduced barriers, etc. Additionally, for some, disabled seniors, the therapist is one of few who may be in contact w/ the senior on a regular basis. The online provider is able to gain access to the senior & make assessments regarding their overall health/wellbeing (in some cases) & make valuable connections, referrals, case management support, etc.

Often, when working w/ families, providers will also have the opportunity to learn about & provide services to seniors. That is how I began to get more interested in working w/ seniors.

The basis of my approach is respect, collaboration & humility. No matter what method or model I employ, it must be undergirded by the understanding that people (especially seniors) are the experts on themselves. They know what they want, what they are likely to do & they know what has NOT been effective w/ them in the past.


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I have worked w/ seniors for many years as part of my practice w/ family systems. More recently, I helped administer a research study on the efficacy of depression care for seniors using peer mentors. That study was conducted through the geriatric Psychiatry Department of the Johns Hopkins university. We had the difficult & amazing opportunity to be in process w/ the study as the COVID-19 Pandemic began & in-person visits had to quickly become virtual visits via assistive technological devices.

Behavioral health services provision is my family business. My Dad is a retired social worker. I was fascinated by the way he was able to go to people & use his words, his personality & his focus to help people feel & live better. My closest friends are therapists & nurses. It felt like a natural sort of development in my life.

I am a mother, grandmother, a runner, biker, reader, a yogi & a single mother.