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Katharina Krison

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I feel very honored when I can come alongside individuals who are experiencing chronic health issues, grief and loss, or challenging new medical conditions. I enjoy working with seniors because I am impressed with the bravery that it must have taken to reach out for mental health support. It is vital to have the space to process our journeys.

Back in 2020 I, like most of the rest of the world, was forced to take my work online. I will be honest, this was never my plan. BUT… What I quickly discovered is that folks often feel more comfortable in their own homes. Just think about it, home is the place where we can walk around without shoes.

This has been no different when it comes to seniors. The individuals that I have worked with thus far have shared with me that the convenience of not having to leave their homes outweighs the technological learning curve. I encourage everyone to simply try it.

I am an independently licensed Clinical Social Worker (Arizona/ LCSW-19863). I am passionate about taking a holistic approach and understand the importance of the grieving process. I strive to equip and empower my clients within the safe therapeutic space.

I have been in the social work field for over 14 years. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in Social Work. During this time I gained experience with several populations including seniors, children and families, incarcerated individuals, individuals experiencing homelessness, and individuals facing chronic health, grief and loss, or challenging new medical diagnosis.

It takes bravery to reach out and allow someone else in on our personal healing journey. It is this kind of bravery that leads to personal expansion and profound self-discovery.

Walking through trauma, chronic pain and grief are oftentimes some of the most difficult winters that a person can face, but allowing oneself to bravely begin to grieve can often lead to the dawning of a new season in life.

I believe that honoring a person’s bravery and story is paramount. I take a client centered approach and challenge folks to take an active role in not only creating their treatment plan, but also their treatment each week.

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. I often uses these and other modalities (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy), as I work with individuals who have experienced trauma, loss, or those living with chronic pain/health conditions.



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In my personal life I love getting outside as much as possible, being near animals, and strive to utilize moments of pause and gratitude as much as I challenge others to.
I have worked with seniors specifically in various capacities. I have my own private practice where I have worked with several seniors for years. I have also focused the majority of my work on chronic health, grief and loss, challenging medical diagnosis. I previously ran a cancer support group. I have also worked as a social worker within a rehabilitation hospital where I offered individual crisis response therapy to individuals, including seniors, who have experienced drastic medical events.