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Jim Jacobs Ph.D.

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As we age, we build momentum from our years of experiences. Working with older people allows us to build upon the wisdom of our life’s lessons and acquired insight. I enjoy helping others to harness those energies and learned competencies in new ways, and with ingenuity to find solutions from their own experiences to the current challenges they may face.

Research measuring outcomes of therapy has shown that overall, online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. It eliminates the needs for travel and overcomes issues regarding mobility to access services. Online therapy using Zoom is safe and private, and can be easily accessed by a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Our staff will help you get connected. We can also regular phone calls. Yes, online therapy does not work for all people, but I recommend you try it if you haven’t had the experience, and make your own decision.

My experiences include a being the Clinical Director as a rural community mental health center, working in psychiatric hospitals, Universities and most recently, 10 years working with, and being the program manager of statewide and multi-state Vocational Rehabilitation and Education programs for aging Veterans with disabilities at the VA.

In our sessions, I start by carefully listening to your descriptions of what is going on in your life that brings you to therapy now, as well as your personal history and life experiences. We can then together formulate an effective treatment plan using evidence-based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy or other effective therapy modalities. My approach is based on the belief that we all try the very best we can to deal with life’s issues, using our lifelong learning from our own experiences.



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