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Hilary Malloy


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Working with seniors has been a passion of mine since I began teaching chair yoga and meditation, at a senior community center. I find that as we accumulate life experiences, we have more to offer the world which is why the senior population is so impressive to me. At the same time, they face extreme challenges such as loss of loved one’s, health and mental issues, and limited mobility. Therefore it is important to protect our wise and elder population, so that they can thrive and enjoy their golden years.

Online therapy provides access to seniors, that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Being able to communicate weekly with someone who has their best interest at heart, and a trained professional gives them the ability to receive care from the convenience of their home. Our care providers help with the set-up of their zoom account, so that they can easily interact with their therapist, and attend group therapy and activities.

In addition to working with the senior population, I have worked as a school psychiatric social worker with high school aged children, in vulnerable populations throughout Los Angeles. I also work in a private practice setting, that serves adults, as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, There I am able to help people better understand the positive aspects of their lives, and further achieve their goals.

I had a severe spinal injury when I was younger, which I fully recovered from. At that time I realized the impact that physical injuries, pain and immobilization can have on the well-being of an individual. I received great care, and want to pass that on to those I serve. I enjoy helping people overcome their obstacles, and achieve a sense of peace and happiness in their daily life activities.


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After three sessions a majority of clients have hope that things are getting better

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I have worked as a clinical social worker at various senior affordable housing communities throughout Los Angeles. There I provided individual therapy and coordinated support groups and activities. I also teach chair yoga, art and music therapy and mindfulness meditation. I realize the importance of connectivity and try to help eliminate any isolation that can occur in the later year’s of life.

My approach to therapy is goal oriented. I like to use our first session to get to know one another and collect information about my client’s history and goals. From there I like to together formulate a treatment plan that will help bring a greater sense of value to one’s life. I use evidence based techniques, such as solution focused therapy, acceptance therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness techniques, in order to advocate for my clients.

I am an activist, homemaker, artist, athlete and lover of the outdoors. I love my family and friends, and believe in supporting those around me in all their hopes and dreams.

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