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Tanya Alonso

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Working with seniors brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Their wisdom and life experiences make each interaction a valuable learning opportunity for me. Guiding them through important life transitions, whether it’s adjusting to retirement, coping with medical conditions, or dealing with the loss of loved ones, is an honor I cherish deeply.

Online therapy has proven to be just as effective for certain mental health conditions as face-to-face sessions, especially for seniors. Many seniors may face challenges related to transportation or mobility, making it difficult for them to attend in-person sessions. By providing therapy online, we create a comfortable and familiar environment for them, allowing them to receive the support they need from the comfort of their homes.

Throughout my career, I have worked extensively with seniors, offering individual therapy, group therapy, and conducting both cognitive and personality assessments. I have supported individuals dealing with severe mental illness and various general medical conditions. Currently, at Total Life, my focus is on providing individual psychotherapy, addressing issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, grief, loss, and life transitions

My therapeutic approach is characterized by warmth and empathy, creating a safe space for clients to explore their emotions and experiences. I primarily utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and a person-centered approach, guiding individuals to develop self-acceptance while equipping them with coping skills to improve their well-being. Additionally, I incorporate psychoeducation and mindfulness techniques to create an integrative approach to therapy.


Chronic Pain

Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

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My journey of working with seniors began during my graduate school practicum, where I had the privilege of providing cognitive rehabilitation and group psychotherapy to geriatric individuals with cognitive disorders. This experience ignited my passion for working with this population. Over the years, I have further honed my skills through individual psychotherapy and assessments, assisting seniors in coping with various life challenges, grief, loss, and the effects of medical conditions such as cancer.

As a first-generation American who witnessed the impact of environmental stressors on my family and had loved ones dealing with severe mental health conditions, I felt compelled to pursue a career in psychology. My personal experiences motivated me to not only help myself but to extend that support to others, guiding them towards a path of healing and growth.

In my personal life, I am both a human and a dog mom, cherishing the joys of nurturing and caring for my loved ones. Beyond my role as a therapist, I am passionate about music, food, and travel. I find solace in attending musical concerts and festivals, discovering new culinary delights, and exploring different cities and trails, creating cherished memories along the way.