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I directed a College Counseling Center for almost forty-five years. I shared the passions and challenges of young adults as they developed their own world view. Now, at 75, I appreciate the challenges of helping my peers find meaning and new solutions to the developmental issues of our later years.

I was uncertain when I began working online that it was possible to develop rapport through a screen (or phone connection). What I discovered is that the special connection which occurs during a therapeutic relationship does not depend on a physical presence. It is more important to use time wisely and in way that increases privacy and security. The comfort, convenience and safety of staying at home for “counseling time” more than outweighs any loss from face-to-face contact.

I have had the experience of being part of a “intentional family” of psychotherapists who met monthly and eventually semi-annually over a period of more than 30 years. We studied together, but also shared our professional and personal development in a way that gave me a special appreciation for the different paths our lives developed over time. This experience taught me about the unique resources each person developed in their paths towards meaningful lives.

I have been a practicing Psychologist for almost 50 years. I have worked many people experiencing emotional and social challenges as they cope with the experiences of life. I work from a framework that is conversational, reflective and respectful. In therapy, my approach is to help clients learn more about how their past experiences and current beliefs influence their unique perspectives. Those perspectives affect our life experience and our relationships with family, friends, work associates and community. At the first one or two sessions, clients are invited to describe the circumstances that are causing them to seek counseling at this time, and their goals for the experience. I will gather some background information about family, work, social support, health, and similar important items. Together we will create a plan for the focus and duration of our work together.

Philosophy of Care
“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” Tolstoy

When changes occur, we learn about our unique potential to move towards maximizing happiness and minimizing suffering. When we becoming careful observers of our own reactions and behavior we can let go of older patterns that no longer serve us well .This process moves us towards inner stability regardless of what is happening around us. Together we can rediscover natural capacities to observe life honestly and to make sound choices. It then becomes possible to take joy in life while also being totally realistic about its disappointments. I believe that expanding our perspective allows us to embrace all of life with deep appreciation. I find this work deeply satisfying. I am gratified when I learn that the therapeutic process has been meaningful to others.


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I have been working with seniors in therapeutic settings for many years. I especially enjoyed working with retired military and their families as a Champus/TriCare provider at Dover Air Force Base and seniors in the outpatient mental health clinic of Kent County (Maryland) Health Department.

I attended college during the Vietnam War. Before (and after) the draft lottery, my classmates were pulled away from their predictable lives and moved into totally new experiences. It was a time of extreme change in all aspects of the American experience, including revolutionary changes in the rolls of women, social justice and economic/occupational factors. I was acutely aware of the need to create resources to assist people to adjust to these changes.

I am the primary caregiver for my husband who has significant medical needs. I have been an active member of a community orchestra for more than 40 years. I am the proud owner of an unruly Goldendoodle.