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You might have felt that you will never be understood. You may have experienced the pain of losing your true self, the feeling that you are not being genuine, that you are unlovable, or a failure. You could be feeling an increasing anger towards yourself and you could be self-critical and have a negative view of yourself. You might avoid feeling painful emotions and/or be dismissive when it comes to thinking about difficult emotional issues. You may have suffered the loss of family and/or friends. You could be afraid of getting old, being alone, or of the uncertainty of the future. You may be worried that you will not be able to fend for yourself or will have to depend on others.
Embracing the journey toward self-exploration and the willingness to explore new experiences and activities, dedicate time to yourself, and welcome life with a new sense of autonomy and freedom is possible. The Golden Years offer the opportunity to increase awareness of your needs and desires, pay attention to what you want and feel so as not to deny your own needs, repeat conflictive family patterns, or comply with social and cultural norms or others’ expectations that do not align with your true self.
I am passionate about empowering older adults to cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful life so that they can be their authentic selves. I believe The Golden Years provide the opportunity for continuing creativity and joy. Discovering new values and goals with enthusiasm, pursuing authenticity, and improving the relationship with yourself is a part of the journey that I offer to partake with you. I am a Bilingual Spanish/English-speaking Licensed Psychologist with experience working with adults and older adults experiencing depression, anxiety, and life transitions.