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Antonette Huff


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I have worked in aging in some capacity all my adult life. Now I not only work as a therapist to help elders, but I am a senior citizen myself! Because of this life experience I can often identify with what my clients are experiencing.

There are many benefits to online therapy. I think these are the top two: You don’t have to drive in traffic, sometimes for a long distance, to see a therapist. If you aren’t feeling well enough to go out, you can still see your therapist.

I have adult children as well as grandchildren, allowing me to relate to many family dynamics situations. I have also experienced major medical conditions that provide me with a greater understanding of those going through these experiences.

I became a therapist because I saw a great need for older adults to have mental health care provided by someone who understands the challenges life brings. I find great purpose in my work.

Have Hope After Three Sessions

After three sessions a majority of clients have hope that things are getting better

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I have worked in home health, nursing homes, hospice, guardianship and geriatric care management in the past.

I tailor my approach to what works best for my client. I consider myself a part of your care team, working with you to achieve your therapy goals. My goal is to help you succeed and work my way out of a job!

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT(dialectical behavioral therapy), Grief Counselling, Meditative Therapies Mindfulness

Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Coping Skills, Depression, Grief and Loss, Hoarding, Life Transitions, Medical Issues, Psychosis, Self Esteem, Sleep or Insomnia, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal Ideations, Trauma/PTSD

See Change After Six Sessions

After six sessions a majority of clients reflect actual change has occurred

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