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Thank You

Our team is working hard to verify your coverage benefits. Within, 24 hours, and usually sooner you can expect a call from one of our care coordinators. You can think of our care coordinator team as your online receptionists who will help match you with a therapist best suited to your needs. It is our goal to make sure you feel comfortable booking your first appointment.

In the meantime, please check out the articles below on how therapy can support overall health and wellness and if you have any questions we are available at 1-800-567-5433!

If you are in a crisis and require immediate assistance please call 988 or reach out to a hotline listed here.

Insurance Review

Our care team is confirming your insurance coverage for weekly therapy. We will call you to explain coverage and answer any questions you may have.

Note: Original Medicare with Supplement policies are often entirely covered.

Therapist Matching

On the call, we will learn more about you and identify the therapist who best matches your specific needs for weekly sessions.

Scheduling and Forms

In the same call, we will talk you through the onboarding process, book your first appointment and complete the intake forms.


Our members love Total Life.

Here’s what a few of them have to share.

Weekly support is just a call away and Medicare covers it!

Find their passion, teach an understanding of reciprocity, and instill a sense of global citizenship.

Medicare & Your Mental Health Benefits

Mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety, can happen to anyone at any time. If you think you may have problems that

Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage Plans

Maybe someone told you that you’ll get better care with Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage or vice versa.


Total Life provides mental health therapy and counseling online or by phone for older adults. Our mission is to bring together effective mental health programs and services to older adults across the USA with the click of a button.

All of Total Life’s programs are covered by Original Medicare, most Medicare Advantage plans, and many PPOs. The great news is that if you have Original Medicare and a supplemental plan then therapy can often be entirely covered! If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, there may be a small copay. If you have questions about a specific plan, call our Care Team at 1-800-567-LIFE (5433) or Contact Us.

Yes! Medicare covers individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatry, and other forms of mental health care. And, online appointments are covered, too. Most Medicare-eligible people do not know that Medicare covers mental health, and we hope to reach this audience to inform them of their benefits.

Our provider team is made up of experienced, caring therapists. All of our therapists are licensed in the state in which you receive care and have a high level of education (master’s degrees and above). Some of our therapists are clinical psychologists while some are clinical social workers. All have the education and experience necessary to diagnose and treat a variety of mental health conditions, and provide counseling for life changes and experiences, such as grief, chronic illness, or retirement.

Yes. Online mental health therapy has been shown to be just as effective as in-person therapy, and in some cases, may even be more effective. Online therapy has many additional benefits, such as convenience, flexible time, and a wider range of available providers.

In short, not right now. Medication must be prescribed by a prescribing provider, such as a doctor or, in some states, a nurse practitioner. We currently do not have prescribing providers on our team, but we can help refer you to one.

Before your session, we will send you a link via email for your video chat appointment. There is no login required to access Total Life’s online video chat. Just click, and you’ll join the session with your provider!

Referring someone into therapy is a delicate process, and we’re here to talk you through it. If you register for a consultation with our Care Team, we can discuss the situation privately and recommend next steps based on what we’ve learned. Sign up here.