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Things That Matter

We all have things around our homes that we just can’t seem to get rid of. Sometimes they tell a story.

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Martie McNabb

Our homes are full of belongings including photos, documents, memorabilia and objects. Ever considered the importance of these things and whether your family knows their stories? The best things in life aren’t objects, but they encapsulate memories of people, places, and experiences—our legacy. Look around and choose 2-3 items that narrate your history for each class. Each has a story; what’s yours? You’ll share these in class. P.S. Your children may not want your stuff, but I believe they will want your stories!

Duration: Drop-in

Class Length: 90 minutes

Facilitation Date(s): Wednesdays at 2pm (ET), Fridays at 10:30am (ET)

Bring 2-3 items that have meaning or sentimental value and your wonderful stories behind these items!

Through the power of story sharing, individuals can feel connected to each other and themselves! Recognizing your life experiences can help gain a new perspective on the lives we live.

Martie McNabb is a personal historian/legacy artist who tells stories with people’s photos, documents & memorabilia archives. She is an interactive story-sharing heartist who helps people create connections by holding space for people to share the stories about the things they keep. She has a Masters in Education in multicultural Education & Curriculum Development from UMass Amherst, is a Certified Photo Manager with The Photo Managers and a Certified Virtual Facilitator with Jan Keck.

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