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Meaning in Life

Use mindfulness and positive psychology skills to boost resilience, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

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Laura Hinsperger

Our positive psychology wellness program integrates mindfulness practices to promote resilience, emotional balance, and meaning in life. Participants develop self-awareness, deepen relationships, and find renewed purpose. Improved physical health and empowerment round out the benefits, fostering confidence and well-being in every aspect of life.

Duration: 12 week series (Modules+classes)

Class Length: 60 minutes

Facilitation Date(s): Tuesdays 12pm EST and Thursdays 2pm EST

Boost resilience and emotional balance in this series while moving towards finding meaning in life. Participants can expect to feel a renewed sense of purpose and enhance their confidence.

Laura is a Canadian facilitator with a degree in Psychology and certifications in behavior management and resiliency skills. With extensive experience in clinical settings, she is knowledgeable working with both individuals as well as large groups while using her toolbox of wellness strategies. With a background in mental health coaching and leadership roles, coupled with experience working with cognitive behavioral therapy and crisis intervention, Laura fosters inclusive and supportive environments, empowering individuals to explore their strengths and achieve holistic well-being.

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