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It’s Funny Now, Story Sharing

Some stories are funny in the moment. Sometimes it takes a little time for us to find the funny in some of our more difficult moments.

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Barbara Ann Michaels

Enjoy the positive power and peace of reframing your life stories through humor. We put humor back in the medicine cabinet by sharing our own true tales of experiences that were hard at the time, yet are funny to us in part today. We naturally inspire and help others, too, with our stories of overcoming. Learn why the first laugh about a previously difficult time is so pivotal for resilience. Strengthen your story telling and listening skills. Boost your memory. Enjoy being seen, heard and celebrated as you find new joy in your journey. Join a warm, connected community where humor is human!

Duration: Drop-in

Class Length: 60 minutes

Facilitation Date(s): Tuesdays at 11am (ET), Fridays at 11am (ET)

Just you, your stories, and your sense of humor!

This class is for those who  have experienced challenging times. By sharing your stories, you can enhance your resilience and support others. These sessions also aim to improve your memory, storytelling, and listening abilities.

Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace, creates humorous participatory experiences that have people feel seen, heard, celebrated and connected. Her mission is to put humor back in the medicine cabinet. After 30 years of creating interactive performances based on familiar experiences like voting, marriage, holidays, the post office, phone calls and more, she realized that she had made a town for humor for wellness – now called HumorVille. She is currently touring the town library, called It’s Funny Now, gathering stories from people around the planet about times that were hard then and funny now. Rev. Barbara is also a teacher and trainer on humor and body language for communities, companies, congregations and cultural groups. She has a BA from Brown University, an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and is ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She has officiated over 560 weddings, including costume and helicopter weddings, celebrating the sacredness of creativity on the path of love and life. Visit

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