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We’re here to help with Heart Disease

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Do I have Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and mental health counseling is suggested as an aid in the treatment of patients with this disease. Mental health disorders can make recovering from heart attacks, heart failure, or arrhythmia even harder, so healthy lifestyle practices can help prevent cardiac and mental health symptoms. Our experts can help you determine the path you need to take to get back on the road to wellness.

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How does therapy help with heart disease?

Depending on the severity of your heart disease, your therapist will determine the correct treatment plan. A therapist will support you through your negative feelings, pinpoint areas in your life that you may wish to change, help you set realistic goals, and give you tools to identify and prevent future bouts of depression. Your therapist will custom-tailor your sessions to what you need at that moment.

Symptoms with heart disease

Chest pain, chest tightness, chest pressure and chest discomfort (angina)

Shortness of breath

Pain, numbness, weakness or coldness in your legs or arms if the blood vessels in those parts of your body are narrowed

Pain in the neck, jaw, throat, upper abdomen or back

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If you are experiencing any combination of the above, a therapist can help. We’re here for you.

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