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Group therapy!

Total Life is excited to be launching group therapy! Group is a great way to get the most out of your individual therapy and receive extra support. Here are the most common questions and answers about our group therapy program. You can also talk to your therapist for more information and see if it is right for you.

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How can I sign up? 

Registration is easy! Just talk to your therapist who can facilitate a referral or call our Care Team at  1-800-567-5433!

What time are groups available?

Topic: Beat Anxiety

Facilitator: Earl Ledford, LCSW

Start Date: 11/28/22            Mondays, 4:00 EST

Topic: Kick Depression

Facilitator: Gayla Sisk, LCSW 

Start Date: 12/2/22            Thursdays, 1:00 PM EST 

Topic: Kick Depression

Facilitator: Dr. Nancy Albers 

Start Date: 11/30/22 Wednesdays, 1:00 PM EST 

Topic: Grief and Loss

Facilitator: Gayla Sisk, LCSW 

Start Date: 11/29/22            Tuesdays, 1:00 EST 

Topic: Grief and Loss

Facilitator: Dr. Michael Labib  

Start Date: 11/30/22 Wednesdays, 3:00 PM EST

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people (maximum of 12) at the same time. Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but it is also commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy.

What can I expect?

Each group will have between 4-12 participants who are all interested in learning more about the topic and need support. Each group is facilitated by a licensed therapist who will guide you through the curriculum and facilitate participant sharing and feedback. Group therapy is a great way to feel connected and know you are not alone.

Is group therapy covered by Medicare and other insurance companies?

Yes! Group therapy is a covered benefit. In most cases, it is covered 100 percent or with a very small coinsurance if you have original Medicare and a supplemental. Call our care team at 1-800-567-5433 for more information and to verify your coverage.

Can I get individual therapy and group therapy?

Yes! As a matter of fact, individual and group therapy are a great combination and compliment each other. Many therapists recommend group therapy to their clients for added support.

What if I already have a therapist?

If you are already seeing a Total Life therapist, please talk to them about the groups. They can make a referral and direct you on how to get signed up. You can also call our care coordinator team at 1-800-567-5433

What groups does Total Life offer?

Kick Depression

Depression affects each of us in many different ways. Over 12 weeks, we will help you understand your depression, how it affects your life, and develop positive coping skills to overcome the symptoms of depression.This group will explore the physical, mental and emotional impact of depression on our lives and ways to cope and manage symptoms. You will receive useful handouts and practice, support and guidance, get helpful tips and regain control of your life. It is a great supplement to individual therapy!

Beat Anxiety

The ups and downs of life can make us anxious and we worry. Let’s beat anxiety together in this 12 week group where you will learn the physiological aspects of anxiety and ways to manage your symptoms. You will receive useful handouts and practice, support and guidance, get helpful tips and regain control of your life. It is a great supplement to individual therapy!

Grief and Loss

Although “death is a part of life,” the truth is that it is very painful and can lead to depression, anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms. In this 12 week group, you will learn about the stages of grief, the grief process and develop tools to move forward.

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