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We’re here to help with depression

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Do I have depression?

Depression affects millions of people and has a range of symptoms, from feeling down and sad to either over-eating or over-undereating. And, depression manifests differently at different phases of life. A trained professional can help you determine if you are experiencing depression and a treatment plan. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, it’s time to get in touch with someone who understands.

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What are we offering

Take the first step to feeling better We’ll match you with a dedicated licensed counselor who will help you work through difficult feelings and achieve your goals.

Symptoms of depression

Intense sadness or feelings of emptiness

Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness

Anger and irritability

Restlessness or difficulty concentrating

Fatigue or changes in sleep patterns

Changes in appetite

Online therapy designed to help you live your best life

Simply sign-up to be connected with a licensed clinical therapist ready to help you manage your anxiety. Online sessions are available every week from the comfort of your own home on any device.

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