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Join our Caregiver Group Series

We understand that caregiving can be overwhelming, and we are here to help.

Total Life is hosting an online Group Therapy Series for Caregivers, led by expert therapist Norma Jean Carrow, LCSW.

Norma Jean will guide you through the common concerns of Caregivers, such as

  • Preventing and managing Caregiver Stress Syndrome
  • Processing guilt and anger
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Coping with decline and loss
  • Managing outside criticism
  • Accessing community resources

Start Date: April 26th, 2022
Time each week: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Online

Continues each Tuesday for 8 weeks.

This series will be conducted using HIPAA-compliant video chat and online tools. And, of course, the series is covered by Medicare.

Please begin your registration process by filling out this form for a consultation with our Care Team.

Current Total Life members: please call our Care Team at
1-800-567-5433 to begin enrollment.

Caregiver Group Series Consultation

Any questions? Give us a call!

(800) 567-LIFE (5433)

Norma Jean Carrow, LCSW

Hello! My name is Norma Jean, and I will be leading the Caregiver Group Series. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I enjoy helping clients find solutions within family dynamics.

As a therapist, I take the time to listen, learn, and focus on each person individually. For me, it’s an honor to treat people who have reached out for help, because no matter what stage of life you are in, challenges arise that
can be addressed in a positive and genuine manner.

I’m looking forward to leading the Caregiver Group Series and helping you find balance in your role as caregiver.

Benefits of Online Group Therapy

  • Meet people facing the same challenges from far away
  • Get support from home, no driving to appointments
  • Discuss issues in a private, non-judgmental space
  • Learn new skills within a support network of peers
  • Have the guidance of a caring, expert therapist


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