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Growing old is very hard. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, sad, and frightened?
Are you grieving the loss of a spouse, close friend, a family member, or the loss of some of your independence?
I provide a non-judgmental atmosphere where you can feel understood, validated, and appreciated.
As a therapist, I hope to offer you insight and new skills to live a fulfilling life.
I will allow you a safe space to let go of your past trauma and rewrite your story. Let’s begin to heal.
I have worked as a Clinical Therapist at many nursing homes, clinics and hospitals with many others just like you. I also helped my own parents as they passed on in recent years to deal with a myriad of end-of-life issues. These included dealing with dementia, estate planning and procuring hospice care. I have also volunteered at nursing homes and developed deep friendships with many residents through the years.

Common issues I can help you with are:
Dealing with caregiver stress
Coping with feelings such as depression, anxiety, guilt, and anger
Communicating your needs more effectively. I can teach you how to set better boundaries, improve your self-care, and be more appropriately assertive about what you require. These skills are crucial when dealing with difficult family members and the healthcare professionals serving you.
Learning self-soothing/calming techniques, such as guided visualizations and progressive relaxation.
Adopting more ‘in the now, forward-looking perspectives instead of focusing on one’s past.
Practicing more forgiveness and compassion for oneself, is important especially, since we are merely’ perfectly imperfect beings’.
Even if our immediate situation cannot change quickly, we can gain more peace and clarity by changing our perspective and implementing the new coping skills I can share with you.
Together I hope to help you create a more relaxing, fulfilling, and enjoyable life!
Thank you for reading my profile!